Our Antidote To Blue Monday: Bright And Shiny Tuesday

Blue Monday

Was yesterday the most depressing day of the year?

If you felt like a walking pile of crap yesterday, there might have been a reason why and it’s called (cue ominous sound effects) Blue Monday. According to a former lecturer at Cardiff University who cooked up an equation to find the most miserable day on the calendar, January 19th (a.k.a. Blue Monday, if you haven’t figured it out yet) is the worst for a number of reasons, post-holiday burnout being one of them. Pseudoscience PR stunt or not, we know we?re not alone when we say we?re definitely feeling the winter blues lately. In an attempt to counteract the January blahs, we?re turning this otherwise ordinary day into something much cooler by declaring it Bright and Shiny Tuesday.

In honour of this momentous occasion, we?re celebrating a bunch of cool stuff to be excited about, even in the wake of so-called Blue Monday. The world might suck most of the time, but for now, we?re going to focus on the parts that aren?t so bad. What are some things we?re personally pumped about, you ask?

  1. This reminder that our favourite celebrities could be just like us (I mean, Queen Bey could only look like this in another dimension, but whatever).
  2. Wedding photos that make even the most cynical of us a little bit swoony.
  3. The fact that animals still haven?t figured out that mirrors, balloons, and small pieces of food are actually harmless.
  4. The awful weather outside (wait for it), which provides the perfect excuse to cram your living room with good friends and have a good ol’ fashioned game night. If you’re among the 2% of people on the planet who aren’t in love with Cards Against Humanity, we suggest getting on that bandwagon now.
  5. The genius that thought to combine chocolate and eye shadow, two of the greatest things on the planet.
  6. Shawn Oakman memes.
  7. Vines with that infinite loop, can’t-stop-watching magic.
  8. Not having to buy any. more. Christmas. gifts. Our wallets are weeping.
  9. Taylor Swift literally blocking out the haters.
  10. Fall Fashion Month?it’s coming up fast. Seeing as we’re still recovering from all the gorgeousness from Spring 2015, it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited.
  11. FINALLY DISCOVERING WHY PIGEONS BOB THEIR HEADS WHEN THEY WALK (or has this only been plaguing our existence?).
  12. This dog, who is more capable on public transit than some people we know.
  13. Scientific proof that being a writer actually makes you less (and not more) moody and angsty.
  14. Valentine’s Day, which is less than a month away. Hopeless romantics, this means tons of chocolate and roses are both in your future. Unapologetic pessimists, this means your day to rain on everyone’s parade is just beyond the horizon.
  15. The best for last: there are only 59 days until Spring (which means 59 days until sundresses, drinking on patios, and retiring any and all powder-based makeup until September)!

Take that, Blue Monday.

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