The Benefits of Being Sassy

The Benefits of Being Sassy

What would you do if I told you there were some serious health benefits to being sassy?

Okay, okay, maybe they haven’t been approved in a lab or anything, but there might be some nuggets of truth to my claim. Bear with me here.

Ample sass means not being a doormat.

Picasso said it once and I’ll say it again: “There are two types of women: goddesses and doormats.” Even if you don’t agree that you’re full fledged goddess material, there’s some truth to his statement. If you are self-diagnosed sassy, you are going to care about your own opinion more and other people’s opinions far, far less. Nothing signifies a strong sense of confidence and esteem for your own life like being all Rhett Butler and frankly not giving a damn.


Sass is not a phase, it’s a lifestyle.

Ever heard of Beyonc?? No matter how you feel about her (I’ve heard so many opinions lately ranging from “she’s overrated” to “I worship Beysus”), you’ve gotta admit she has it pretty much figured out. She just radiates confidence and happiness. While I guess almost anyone should be happy with the wealth she’s surmounted, we also know she’s created her own little universe for herself and her family because she took a page out of the aforementioned Rhett Butler’s playbook and titled it “Gone with the Damn”. She literally gives none, does her own thing, and is one of the most powerful sassballs on the planet. Learn from her.
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Sass means not being afraid to go after it.

While on the note of fabulous sassmonsters, take Ellen DeGeneres (henceforth referred to as DaG) for example. Our fave talk show host has seen a myriad of life failures, from Anne Heche to the doomed “Ellen Show” on CBS. You never hear about these failures, though, because she got right back to it. She wasn’t afraid to pitch the idea of a talk show in a time when most didn’t make it past season two if your name wasn’t Oprah. She came out on national television in 1997 and never looked back because she was fierce and she knew it. DaG has been going after it so hard that most people don’t realize she’s struggled; she just hasn’t let it define her.

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Sass means never having to say you’re sorry.

Okay, maybe not. However, as a self-diagnosed worrywart/anxious Annie/chronic apologizer, sass means not having to say sorry for the things that are natural for you. I learned this the hard way when my uber-sassafras husband sat a teary-eyed me down after one disastrous dinner (chicken cannot be made medium-rare, FYI) and told me to stop apologizing for crying. Stop apologizing for making mistakes. He knew better than I knew myself that crying is in the very fiber of me and just because I do it at the drop of a hat doesn’t make me any less lovable or fun. The salmonella thing, though…that’s a mistake to seriously learn from and never repeat. But all the same and all the cheesier, you are full of you-ness and if someone makes you feel less for that, then they have to work on their them-ness. Make sense? Probably not.
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You’re probably like me: a full fledged hot mess. But why not have some fun and confidence while we’re at it? Like Mindy Lahiri says, if you’re gonna be a mess, you might as well be a hot mess.

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