Our Picks For Best Dressed At The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Best dressed or not, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski were the real MVP’s of the night.

In Canada, we may have spring, summer, fall, and the coldest of winters, but my favourite season of all is Award Season. It brings us swoon-worthy fashion, endless best dressed lists to scroll through online, innovative beauty trends, and feeds into my need-to-know obsession on whether or not Bradley Cooper is still dating his 22-year-old model girlfriend (cue the insane jealousy and Internet stalking).

This week night aired one of the more ?fearful? concepts of award shows (at least for the actors), the 20th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, where the critics themselves choose the winners. Former New York Giant and future Magic Mike XXL movie star (eeeaasy, ladies) Michael Strahan had the pleasure of hosting the show and the pressure of making it a humorous one.

The multi-talented TV personality took on many roles last night, including host and costume model, but his most memorable moment was when he gave us a sneak peak of his Magic Mike XXL moves that even the modest of gals would have found exciting. But the part of the show I loved the most was when Emily Blunt picked up the award for Best Actress in an Action Movie and hubby John Krasinski ran onstage to congratulate her. Can we talk about how adorable they are?

Strahan?s fashion game was strong last night but what about the attendees, the nominees, and winners of the night? The fashion is always a little different at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards ? the vibe is more relaxed, fun, and heavily fuelled by unlimited booze (and something to nibble on). Even though it?s not our style to pick out our least favourite looks of the evening (because, really, everyone looked gorgeous), it doesn?t hurt to give props to the looks we particularly loved. Click through for all the frocks we sighed wistfully at this week.

Images via Pret-a-Reporter, InStyle, and MTV

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