A Letter From The Editors

editors letter

Welcome to The Verso, readers!

If you’ve managed to stumble across us, congratulations. We’re happy you’re here and we hope to see more of you around. If we’re exactly what you’ve been looking for, we’re flattered. Regardless of who you are, you likely have the same question: what exactly leads two girls to sit down and decide to start an online magazine?

Even we aren’t sure.

In November of last year, all we knew was that we were restless. It’s a strange feeling to have when you feel compelled to create something but aren’t quite sure what that something is. It turns out that something was The Verso.

But first, let’s take a step back. If you take a look in our own bookmark folders, you’ll find all the usual suspects for two magazine interns: Style.com, Refinery29, WhoWhatWear. But you’ll also find a whole lot of Leo DiCaprio memes, hip-hop choreography YouTube channels, and gifs of kittens fighting inanimate objects. In between that, you’ll find personal essays that made us cry (or laugh, or laugh until we cry), New York Times articles that made us stop and think, and a Buzzfeed post…or ten.

What we wanted?what we needed?was a single place for all of this, where nothing was off the table. Ambitious? Probably. A ton of fun? Definitely. We dove in headfirst and haven’t looked back since.

So who are we, exactly? The Verso is all about figuring that out and having a blast along the way.

We’re editors, magazine lovers, and style junkies, sure, but we’re not authority figures nor will we claim to be experts. We just know what we love and want to share it with you. We’re serious about things like:

  1. Avocados
  2. Always thinking, learning, and asking questions
  3. The Valentino Pre-Fall 2015 collection (I mean, come on, check out that embroidery)

…but we’re not so serious about:

  1. “Rules” of dressing (just wear that mini dress, pear shaped bod be damned!)
  2. Long division
  3. Ourselves

We’re still figuring things out (we know we’re not alone on that front), but along the way, we might as well have fun and wear a nice pair of shoes while we do it.

See you around! Love,


Image via Dopiczo

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