You Guessed It: Florals For Spring At Couture Week

Florals For Spring At Couture Week

We swear it’s sort of groundbreaking.

Back in 2006, Miranda Priestly said exactly what had likely been on the minds of every fashion editor ever when she pointed out the painful predictability of the floral trend for spring. While we’ll admit that it’s strange on a few levels to worship the fashion advice of a fictional character, we’ve adhered to that belief ever since. We’ve chuckled haughtily to ourselves when we’ve seen our favourite stores pushing flower-patterned clothes as soon as the snow melts. We’ve tried our best to dress a little more unexpectedly.

After pouring over runway shots from this year’s Spring Couture week, though, we have half a mind to throw that logic out the window.

Before we jump on the floral bandwagon, though, let us explain ourselves. These aren’t just any florals. Karl Lagerfeld’s take on the trend, for example, involved a set made up of geometric, alien-looking paper blooms, which provided a perfect backdrop for a shamelessly bright and youthful palette (side note: we’re detecting a Cara Delevingne influence with those couture knitted beanies).

Florals For Spring At Couture Week

Then there was Giambattista Valli, where black gothic looking veils balanced out any floral girliness and added a touch of moodiness instead. We were also pretty stoked to see another reincarnation of the headwrap we loved so much from last fall.

Florals For Spring At Couture Week

At Valentino, the models looked like Italian ingenues straight out of a painting, complete with delicate flowers woven into their hair; we might not be copying this look for date night anytime soon, but that doesn’t make it any less gorgeous. Florals also took on a tougher edge in the form of leather appliqu?s.

Florals For Spring At Couture Week

We saved the best (and craziest) for last: Viktor & Rolf. Here, the Van Gogh-inspired blooms were larger than life, practically growing off of the models themselves. Combined with all the straw hat business going on, the finished look evoked a sort of country girl gone wild. We’re also filing those high fashion flip flops under “things we never thought we’d see on the runway” along with the Cara-esque beanies from Chanel.

Florals For Spring At Couture Week

Right when we thought we had one fashion rule figured out, couture week happens. We just can’t help but wonder…what would Miranda say?

Florals for Spring

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