Why We’ll Never Get Sick Of Vine

It was the best six seconds of my life.

It was quick but it was full of excitement, laughter and props. Sometimes it was just us and other times it was a group of people. But the real thrill was knowing someone was watching. Each month, 100 million people head to the mystical world of the Internet to watch Vines posted by their favourite “Viners”, as we call them.

Wait…what did you think I was talking about?

Since it’s launch in January of 2013, I’ve known of Vine but never really gave it a chance. I’m a technology enthusiast, I’ll admit, but sometimes so many new startups flash across my news feed that I usually throw in the towel and call it a day. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I really fell for Vine.

I was conducting my daily celebrity stalking via the Interweb (obviously) and came across a video posted by actress and Vine superstar Arielle Vandenberg that had me in stitches. I loved it so much I looped it probably about a hundred times. Not weird at all. So a hundred six-second intervals went by and then about an hour and then I found myself sifting through every video she’s ever made. I was hooked? dangerously so.

Coming up on its two year anniversary, Vine has captured millions of hearts (if you’re a stats nerd, this will really get you going) since it’s launch and has proved to be Instagram’s biggest competition in the market of instant videography. Vine was sitting comfortably in the number one spot, that is until Instagram introduced its very own video feature six months later.

Here at The Verso, we believe in rooting for the underdog and, unfortunately, Vine has become just that. For a while now, there has been a debate on whether or not Vine will last now that Instagram has fully developed its video capabilities. To that we say: nay, never, and hell to the no. Vine will live on and it will live on strong. This is why we will forever be believers:

  1. It brought us Vine extraordinaires like Arielle Vandenberg and Chis Delia. Both their dry and sarcastic humour are almost made better when we only experience six seconds of it.
  2. It’s simplistic design and easy to use functionality (with it’s tap-record-post system) are seriously foolproof. No fuss, no muss. For someone who gets easily confused with the multiple but similar features of video recoding apps, Vine is a godsend.
  3. Each video is a taste of an experience; a tease, if you will. A 15 second video gives you the whole story when the fun really lies in a small portion of it. If done correctly, the best Viners don’t need any more time than that. Sometimes people just don’t need to watch a long video of you driving in your car listening to your favourite T-Swift song.
  4. It forces the creator to think outside of the box and get creative with the very short time they have. Think of it like the university essays we all had to write. When you had to knock out 1500 word papers, it was easier to ramble and pour on the bullshit. When the word count was closer to 500, you had to learn to fine tune your thoughts. Vine is like that?when you have only six seconds to get your point across, it forces you to choose the highlights and focus on just that. It’s better for everyone in the end, really.
  5. There is a Vine channel specifically dedicated to animals and their undeniable cuteness. I just want to bottle up that cuteness and hug it and snuggle it and love it and just eat their faces off. Too far?

Images via Land of Cool

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