“This.” Might Be The Way To A Decluttered Newsfeed


Step aside, Facebook?there’s a new technology geek in town.

Picture your Facebook news feed right now. Chances are, you’ve got that at least one friend (we’re using that term loosely) who makes scrolling through your daily updates oh so very painful and in the end, has you regretting you even signed on. And we all know that kind of person, too?the one who posts countless and meaningless statuses about missing the bus that morning or subtle “I hate you’s” to the world (that would be much better suited for Twitter anyway). There’s also the chronic ‘liker’ and commenter on every post or article that pops up. We beg you, give it a rest once and a while.

We’re assuming this kind of person sounds familiar to pretty much everyone. It’s an inescapable reality that our news feeds have become cluttered with so many “next big thing” links, it’s next to impossible to sift through it all. “This.“, a new social networking website, might be our answer.

The logic behind “This.” is pretty foolproof as its creator Andrew Golis explained in the New York Times: “By limiting each user to sharing just a link a day, we give curators the ability to mark something as special and their audience the ability to find just the best from those curators they trust.” In other words, it filters out the crap by forcing its users to choose what they share wisely.

So essentially, if you’re the kind of person who’s choosy with what links they click on, “This.” is for you (see what we did there?). The site is still in the invite-only stage, so getting your hands on any registration info may not be easy for a while. We just can’t wait to see what happens when “This.” finally blows up and Facebook becomes the kid who gets picked last in gym class.

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