The Verso’s Guide To Partying Like An (Almost) Grown Up

Partying Like A Grown Up

We’ve come to terms with the fact that our red solo cup days are pretty much over. Now’s as good a time as any to give our partying style an upgrade.

The kind of partying you do during your early twenties belongs to a category all its own. It’s the kind of lifestyle that checks any form of sophistication or luxury at the door. Your “signature cocktail” is anything that’s cheap and strong (flavour is irrelevant). Drinking out of anything other than a plastic cup is pretty rare. You spend ungodly amounts of money to go to bars where you can’t hear yourself think, let alone chat with the friends you came with.

We’re not saying that we’re over those antics-filled nights entirely (kind of the opposite?we still jump at any opportunity to go to Dance Cave, despite what it does to us the next day). What we are saying is that, well, we’re not as young as we used to be. Those nights we spend in our living rooms with our favourite people, drinking beer and occasionally fitting in a round of beer pong, are getting more and more appealing. While we’re no experts on being flawless hostesses, we’ve learned that there are a few doable basics that help give any booze-filled gathering a tiny dose of grown up-ness.

Figure out how to make one fancy drink really, really well.

We’re guessing that approximately 98% of people who’ve watched Crazy, Stupid, Love immediately went home afterwards and Googled how to make an Old Fashioned, and for good reason. Even if it’s something as simple as dumping a ready made Cosmo mix into a proper martini glass and tossing in a few maraschino cherries, learning how to pour a decent cocktail earns you about a billion Cool Host points. Pick a drink here and make a note to master it by next weekend.

Add to your drinking game repertoire.

Kings and Flip Cup are great and all, but right now we’re all about drinking games masquerading as deep conversations, like Hot Seat. It’s pretty much like Truth or Dare for adults, minus the Dare part. When all else fails, there’s always Cards Against Humanity, right?

Take a page out of your mom’s book and have snacks for your guests.

Remember during the geeky preteen birthday parties of your youth when someone’s overeager mother would have a table full of snacks ready upon the guests’ arrival? Remember when having snacks was the norm? WHY DID WE EVER STOP DOING THAT? Seriously, a cheese platter looks sophisticated, tastes awesome (duh, it’s cheese), and actually requires zero effort. You literally just buy some cheese and put it on a wooden board. Just do it.

Give your regular bar a break.

Having a regular spot to meet up with friends is awesome (as proven by How I Met Your Mother and Friends), but expanding your horizons and trying something besides a run-of-the-mill club is what makes you an adult (or so we’re told). Grab a solid group of friends and book a private karaoke room for your next night out?it’ll give you much more interesting morning-after talk than “Remember when we went to that same bar again?”

For God’s sake, stop drinking stuff that tastes awful.

In university, it’s no secret that drinking economically trumped the act of actually enjoying a cocktail. It’s time to retire those vodka and energy drink mixes and take time to learn that, hey, drinking a well-made cocktail (or even just a nice glass of wine) can actually be super indulgent. Hint: consuming your drink of choice out of actual glassware ups the grown up factor.

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