Anti-Valentine’s Day Makeup That’s Anything But Romantic

Anti-Valentine's Day Makeup

We’re talking  looks that steer way clear of date night territory. This holiday might be about romance, but your makeup doesn’t have to be.

Over the years, if we?ve learned anything about Valentine?s Day, it?s that it has the uncanny power to separate people into pretty opposing camps. The world has no shortage of people who love Valentine?s Day and everything it stands for?after all, if that weren?t the case, it would likely cease to exist. Those are the people who are happy to dole out greeting cards, accept roses and chocolate, and up the romance in every way (including their hair and makeup). Think gentle curls and touchable blowouts paired with rosy, ladylike makeup worthy of an eighteenth century painting.

Then there?s the other camp.

If you belong to the Anti-Valentine?s day crowd, you?re likely looking to make a statement with your clothes (all black everything, anyone?) and your makeup come the 14th. You’ll especially want your Anti V-Day look to be on point if you’re spending the 14th by having a wild night out with your main crew. Allow us to give you some inspiration, courtesy of some of our favourite badass red carpet looks of all time.

Emma Watson’s Gilded Smokey Eyes

Emma Watson
It feels wrong to even lump Emma Watson?s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiere makeup into the ?smokey eye? category. It?s on a level all its own, inhabiting a space somewhere between warrior princess and greek goddess. Emma?s makeup artist was seriously not messing around?this look is not for the faint of heart (if you?re gonna attempt anything like it, make sure you have tons of patience and Q-tips on hand). Our suggestion for an attainable version of Emma?s makeup? First, head to Lisa Aldrige?s YouTube page for her tutorial on how to do a smoky eye. Once you?re done that, you can top it off with a touch of foil-finish shadow like Stila?s Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Comex Gold. You can copy Emma?s look and focus the metallic colour around the outer corners of your eyes, or go the oft-makeup artist recommended route and place it right on the center of your lids.

Joan Smalls’ Purple Pout

Joan Smalls

If you couldn?t care less about landing a kiss this Valentine?s Day, it?s the perfect time to rock a show-stopping bold lip in an unexpected (and man repelling) colour. After all, no smooching means no touchups, right? In the realm of show-stopping bold lips, Lupita Nyong?o is Queen in our books, but Joan Smalls? violet pout from last year?s Met Gala is definitely worth taking a second look. It?s been a year and we?re still not over it. This makeup masterpiece was apparently created with navy eyeliner and a mixture of two Estee Lauder lipstick shades, but if you want a one-step solution, try Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in L.U.V (a cult favourite). We?re pretty sure most dudes don’t get Joan?s vibrant lip colour, but we sure as hell do.

Rosamund Pike’s All-Natural Gorgeousness

Rosamund Pike

With all the hullabaloo around Hallmark?s holiday, a small part of us wants to ditch so-called ?seductive? makeup as well as the pretence of making an effort altogether. We?re huge on having fun with makeup and wearing it in whatever way that makes us happy (if our aforementioned ode to Joan Smalls? purple lips didn?t convince you), but we have to admit that going out on the town rocking nothin? but a bare face exudes the exact kind of no-fucks-are-given vibe we?re feeling this Valentine?s Day. Rosamund Pike obviously felt a similar vibe at The World?s End premiere in 2013 when she traded heavy red carpet makeup entirely for an all-natural look. We don?t know about you, but we?re into the idea of cutting down our getting ready routine to just moisturizer and highlighter (Sonia Kashuk’s Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick does the trick?buy this stuff before Target leaves the North forever, people!) this Valentine?s Day. The best part of going makeup-free? When you get home late after your big night out and forget to wash your face before bed, you won?t have to feel as guilty. Hey, it happens.

Sienna Miller’s Punk Rock Hair

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller?s 2013 Met Gala look is about as anti-Valentine?s Day as it gets. There is literally not a trace of romance here. Tousled rockstar hair? Check. Accessories that look kinda dangerous? Check. Side braid that reminds us of Natalie Dormer?s undercut? Check. The smudged smokey eye is just the icing on the cake, really (also not pictured: her insane spiked manicure).There?s a lot going on with Sienna?s look, but the hair, makeup, and accessories actually work together quite harmoniously. It?s a testament to how a side braid and a statement earring are pretty much the perfect pairing. Stealing Sienna?s look is pretty easy: all you need is a bad ass ear cuff and a devil-may-care attitude (bonus points for a leather jacket). If you?re feeling especially lazy, even just tucking your hair behind your cuffed ear will do the trick?throw a bobby pin or two in your hair to keep it in place, if need be. Next step: go forth and unleash your inner punk goddess.

Rihanna’s Wicked Red Liner


This look?s way back from 2009, but it?s no less amazing today. Copying Rihanna?s fierce take on reverse liner is, in our opinion, the best way to wear red this Valentine?s Day. We may not go as far as mimicking her dramatic, shaped lashes?we have a feeling that wouldn?t translate well off the red carpet?but we?re all for rocking what?s supposed to be the colour of ~love~ in an unexpected and decidedly bold way. A swipe of MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liner in Iridescent Red on your lower lash line and not much else is all you need for an intense V-Day look. Here?s hoping stealing badgalriri?s makeup looks will also help us feel like badgalriri, if only for a night.

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