In Defense Of Flared Jeans: Street Style Edition

Flared Jeans

Remember the good old days when bell bottoms ruled?

We have pretty fond memories of middle school, also known as the golden age of the comeback of flared jeans. Thanks to the likes of Lizzie McGuire and Summer Roberts (the teen fashion icons of the early aughts), they were pretty much the only way to go. It was as if there was a mystical, unspoken correlation between the wideness of your bell bottoms and your degree of coolness. You really knew you were an It girl when your flares had strategic fading around the thighs and bedazzled appliqu?s on the butt. Ahh, middle school.

Then, around high school, there came the dawn of the skinny jean. It was a pretty dark time for girls with curves everywhere. Gone were the more forgiving, groovy flared jeans of our youth?they’d been replaced by second-skin pants with no wiggle room.

The world’s obsession with skinny jeans lasted a good, long time…until now. Thanks to the love affair with everything 70’s on the spring runways, bell bottoms are back in a big way and we couldn’t be happier. For those not firmly aboard the bell bottom bandwagon, hear us out.

They’ve got leg elongating and slimming powers that border on the magical.

Flared Denim

Presenting our new running-errands-on-the-weekend-while-still-looking-put-together look, courtesy of Meredith Melling Burke. Take note: this outfit is a testament to how high waisted, flared denim makes your legs look approximately one billion times longer.

Flared jeans are as comfy as hell.

Flared Denim

Bell bottoms have an understandable rep as a mom jean (our moms were obviously smarter than we were when we ditched our flares in favour of skinnies). Really, without photo evidence to the contrary, Olivia Palermo‘s outfit sounds pretty frumpy: knitted cardigan, flared jeans, cream blouse. With photo evidence, though? This look has serious must-copy-now appeal and looks downright cozy, too.

Flares pack a punch, even when paired with more basic pieces.

Flared Jeans

Karlie Kloss clearly knows that flares make a statement all on their own. Bell bottoms + a tucked in striped top (or even a plain white tee, if that’s more your thing) = a look with lots of style payoff that requires no brainpower. We’d be willing to wager that Karlie’s outfit would definitely not be as cool with skinnies.

They can also look super polished and office-ready.

Nicole Richie

Despite their hippie history, bell bottoms can actually be the key ingredient for an outfit that’s all business (okay, Nicole Richie’s flawless execution of the editor blazer drape definitely helps). Think that sleek, dark-wash denim is the only kind that’s fit for the office? Think again.

Flared jeans have got a nostalgic quality that just can’t be beat.

Flared Jeans
From those Converse All Stars to that leopard print bag to those frayed jeans, we can practically feel the retro vibe radiating off of Lee Trigg’s outfit. Her look reminds us of simpler times when everything was beautiful, nothing hurt, and Britney and Justin wore denim on denim to the AMA’s.

Okay, so are you on #TeamFlares yet? We sure hope so.

Main image via Merchandising Society

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