In Case You Missed It, The Internet Went Crazy Yesterday

Llama Drama

Runaway llamas and multi-coloured dresses, oh my!

(Disclaimer: Read this post in a movie trailer voice for maximum entertainment value.) Yesterday started off like any other Thursday: as we woke up, we thought (for a fleeting moment) that it was Friday and then experienced that all-too-familiar weekly disappointment. We dragged our butts to work. We daydreamed about watching a new episode of Grey?s Anatomy later that evening. By all accounts, it was an ordinary day.

That is, until the internet descended into all-out hysteria otherwise known as #LlamaDrama and #TheDressDebate.

To recap, the gist of each story is painfully simple (which makes their viral traffic all the more ridiculous): some llamas escaped in Arizona and no one could agree on the colour of a dress. As The Independent pointed out, the internet took the mundaneness and absurdity of both these incidents (okay, so maybe some runaway llamas is not that mundane) and just ran with it. Each carefully-crafted, intentionally melodramatic Twitter joke only reinforced how stupid it was that the world found these incidents so fascinating, which in turn only made them more fascinating. There was something about the power of #TheDress and #TheLlamas that had the uncanny ability to turn skeptics (?I don?t get it?this has to be a trick?) into obsessives (?It?s 2 a.m. and I can?t stop reading Tumblr posts about llamas and dresses?).

When it came to #TheDress, even the most serious of fashion authorities got in on the joke:

A few A-Listers had their say:

Llamas, meanwhile, quickly surpassed teacup pigs and cats with weird facial expressions as the Internet?s most obsessed-over animal:

We obviously can get behind a Bey/Jay/Llama mashup tweet.

It?s widely known that cultural commentary is more effective with llamas to illustrate your point.

All in all, we?re all for anything that adds some pizzazz to an regular ol? Thursday evening, even if it?s as ludicrous as some rebellious llamas and a heated debate over an otherwise pretty heinous-looking dress (we?re #TeamSolidGold, by the way).

Image via Buzzfeed

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