Why We Should Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

originalAll my single ladies, put yo’ hands up. Too clich??

Here at The Verso, we’re huge fans of those random and meaningless yet super exciting “days of the year”. You know the ones we’re talking about?National Almond Day, National Pie Day, World Nutella Day (you can tell there’s a theme here). Today happens to be Singles Awareness Day. Really, what better time to celebrate and embrace your singledom than the day after Valentine’s Day (arguably the most commercialized day of the year that centers around plush teddy bears, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and bouquets of red roses).

A day that is typically meant to celebrate couples can alienate those who do not classify themselves as being “in a relationship”, and for most, that’s okay. No harm no foul, right? If you love love, respect it, live by it, and dream of it; one day out of the 365 isn’t going to change your feelings toward it. In fact, when it’s your turn to post that gushy Instagram photo of how you and your partner celebrated Valentine’s Day, it will mean all that much more.

But until then, today is your day, dear singles. Do the things you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing while in a relationship. Follow Elle Magazine‘s Patti Stanger advice and go to a bar alone. Post a “I’m single, suckas!” declaration on Instagram and show all your followers how you’re celebrating your day. Dive into those post-Valentine’s Day indulgences (like barreling through the excess chocolate) while sitting on the couch in your jam-jams and give exactly zero shits about it. (Man, that sounds like a good afternoon.) Engage in those anti-Valentine’s Day activities, activities you can do any day of the week, any day of the year. Turn today into your own personal Valentine’s Day (your valentine being you) and Hallmark won’t know what hit ’em.

If you still aren’t sold on the importance of a day like today?which, for the record, one these editors believes should be an international holiday?let us help you cross that line and forever be a believer in Singles Awareness Day, whether you’re single or not.

  1. Today is the day all Valentine’s Day candy goes on sale like they’re Target leaving Canada. This is also a good time to stock up on tacky decorations because who knows, you might not be celebrating this day next year!
  2. You can bask in your singledom as you hear about last night’s horror stories (and try not to laugh).
  3. No longer do you have to suffer through He’s Just Not That Into You and Titanic playing on repeat on every available TV channel (awesome movies though); instead, the airwaves are flooded with sci-fi and gore flicks like The Terminator and The Hills Have Eyes.
  4. Fifty Shades of Grey premiered on Valentine’s Day and outside of it being the proclaimed day of love, going to the movies on opening night is a hellish ordeal on it’s own. Enjoy Singles Awareness Day with the sexiest, steamiest couple (or not?) on screen with a few less couples in the theatre.
  5. On this special day, you can treat yourself to a three course meal at half the price (or regular price, considering the jacked up prices on Valentine’s Day are no longer an issue).
  6. Today may be a Sunday, but tomorrow is Family Day, so treat tonight like a Saturday night. That’s something to celebrate, wouldn’t you say?
  7. Whenever things get bad and you’re feeling like this, always remember: it could always be worse.

This day, whether your choose to believe in it or not, shows that celebrating love and life isn’t just done on one day. Didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with a significant other? Who cares, celebrate every other day with those you care about. Celebrate you every other day. Now that’s love.

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