The Verso Playlist: An Ode To Three Timeless Bands We Loved In High School

Blink 182

Our days of rocking multi-coloured friendship bracelets might be in the past, but our love for these bands lives on.

As we age (gracefully, might I add), we evolve and often go through sometimes tricky, not-so-pleasant phases. In our memory, these phases can be inextricably linked to the music we listened to. I can definitely attest to changing over the years and I take comfort in knowing there were certain bands I relied on (not unlike how I relied on any other lifelong friend). The thing about bands is that they change and grow as much as any one person can, and with that growth can often come a change in sound. I tend to find that some bands do this better than others (maybe it’s just that the changes in their tone resonating with the changes in my own life). This week, I’m touching on those timeless bands that still tug at my heartstrings. I could go on and on about all my favourite bands, but we’d be here a hell of a long time if I did. These bands are ones I’ve never grown tired of.

Blink 182

The recent news of their official demise aside, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who wasn’t a fan of Blink 182 at least at some point during the band’s career. Seeing them live was probably one of my favourite concert experiences ever. Not only did they put on a comedic show, but their musical stage presence was nothing short of phenomenal. For most of us their music has much more to it than just a taste of nostalgia, although that part definitely doesn’t hurt.

“Dammit” | 1997
“What’s My Age Again” | 1999
“Anthem Part 2” | 2001
“I Miss You” | 2003

The Fray

My love for The Fray goes back to a second season episode of Grey’s Anatomy when I first heard “How to Save a Life”. Since then, the band has released four other albums, each having their own legendary impact on my musical tastes (Scars & Stories will forever remind me of the trip I took to Jamaica for my sister’s wedding). Seeing them live last summer was an unforgettable experience?their sound definitely hadn’t lost it’s touch. I’m happy to report that I still feel the same rush of excitement I had the first time I heard them on the doctor drama whenever I listen to a Fray track.

“Over My Head (Cable Car)” | 2005

Sidenote: I would recommend just about every song on this album.

“You Found Me” | 2009
“Munich” | 2012
“Keep On Wanting” | 2014

Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club surpasses any band when it comes to how many times I’ve seen them live. The first time I saw Tokyo Police Club was when they played a free show downtown at Nathan Philip Square in 2008. Since then, I’vee seen them 6 or 7 times and I can tell you that it never gets old. I can honestly say they’ve never released an album I didn’t obsess over.

“Nature Of The Experiment” | 2006
“In a Cave” | 2008
“Hands Reversed” | 2010
“Gonna Be Ready” | 2014
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