There’s More To Us Than The Bad Stuff

Little Happy Things

In a world where bad news is selling like hotcakes, we’ll take any opportunity to get happy fast.

If you’re anything like me, (a twenty-something who is somewhat involved in social media and the media in general) your news feeds are filled with a range of things; on some glorious occasions, you get a break from the dramatic instances that are *first world problems*. On other occasions, though, it seems like everything around us is crashing down and all things evil are prevailing. I wonder if the world is ending, sometimes.

As melancholy as that sounds, I’m also realistic enough to know that good news doesn’t sell, and it’s still out there despite the day-in and day-out reports of crime, death, famine and war. Why does the worst news sell so much better than its good news counterparts? Well, would this article get more views if the title read something like “Ebola Case Found 30 Miles From You” or “You Wouldn’t Believe Who’s Cheating”?

I’m not trivializing the problems of the world, because they need serious attention too. But, if you’re anything like me, you’re dying for a break from the fear-mongering and strife. Listed below are some fabulous resources for giving yourself an optimistic kick in the pants when needed. *Disclaimer: if you cry happy tears I am not responsible for what that does to your makeup or your co-workers opinions of you.*

For when the world seems a little too hateful:

  • is a notable source for the uplifting, and if you’re having the kind of day where you needed a little nudge upwards might I suggest starting here or here.

For when you just want to smile:

  • Need a smile but don’t have a lot of time on your hands for reading and awaiting a long, heart-wrenching happy-ending? Try a little pep talk from Kid President. Guaranteed insta-happy.

For when you need to be reminded of your worth:

  • Take a look back through your Facebook, memory lane style. Chances are it’ll be a quick reminder of how hilarious/kind/beautiful/unique you are. Then, find one of your closest pals from a happy time in your life and go to their page to “see friendship”. Promptly remember how loved you are.

For when you’re feeling altruistic:

  • Unplug for this one, y’all. Here’s a fabulous resource for RAOK (or “random acts of kindness” if you’ve been living under a RAOK. Get it?) and they require you mostly getting out there and doing some good.

For when you legitimately just need to cry it out so you can start fresh:

  • You can try this.
  • This.
  • Or, if your heart is made of stone, this.

My heart is lighter and happier for having tested all of these out for you, so go forth and be happy. Remember that goodness abounds; it just doesn’t sell. If you don’t see it for awhile, seek it out or make it for yourself. You’d be amazed how it can change your perspective.

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