The Verso Playlist: Covers You May Have Missed

Song Covers

Because sometimes, one version of something good isn’t quite enough.

Covers have been around for a while?since the early days of rock and roll and maybe even before that. Originally, it would seem that covers were just competition for the initial version of a song. However, since then, many bands and artists owe part of their rise to fame to a cover they’ve performed or recorded.

Now more than ever, covers are gaining popularity thanks to the evolution of YouTube, SoundCloud, Vine, and MySpace (yes, it still exits, and no, it’s still not a good idea to post scene photos…okay, I’ll admit I maaay have been guilty of that once upon a time).

To me, the beauty of a good cover song is that it allows an artist to take on a new approach and make one piece of music into something different. This isn’t to discredit the original artist; instead, it’s to pay homage to the work they’ve done. I’m no musician, but if I was, I’d love to put my own spin on old classics while working up to being able to share my own music.

Alas, since I wasn’t blessed with any musical talents (whomp whomp whomp), I’ll just continue to discover, admire, and listen to the work of those who do have such talents.

For this week, from new songs to old, I’ve created a list of some pretty catchy covers. While I tend to lean towards indie, folk and pop rock genres, you’ll find a pretty sweet range here. Enjoy!

“Royals” by Walk Off The Earth

“Cable Car” by A Day To Remember

“Home/Dirty Paws” by Gardiner Sisters

“Latch” by Kodaline

“Hot in Herre” by Jenny Owen Youngs

“Starry Eyed” by Tonight Tonight

“You’re The One That I Want” by Angus & Julia Stone

“Wherever You Will Go” by Charlene Soraia

“Maps” by Ali Brustofski and Corey Gray

“Riptide” Kina Grannis & Imaginary Future

(Vance Joy’s original version is hard to beat, but this one comes close.)


Image via Gardiner Sisters on Youtube

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