How To Fall In Love: A New & Improved Set Of 36 Questions


As much as I loved Arthur Aron’s famous set of love-inducing questions, I couldn’t help but notice he was missing a few things.

Within the first five minutes of reading a New York Times’ article on the 36 questions that supposedly have the power to make people fall in love, I made plans to put their power to the test. After much cajoling, my boyfriend agreed to sit through Arthur Aron’s love experiment with me. While he didn’t see the point (“Aren’t these questions for people who aren’t already dating?”), I was keen.

Not even halfway through, though, I found myself losing interest. Not only were some of the questions a huge downer (there’s no eloquent way to put it), but I suddenly felt like the whole question-and-answer formula to falling in love was just too contrived. I’m as much of a fan of #lifechats in dimly lit bars as the next gal, but not as much as I’m a fan of keeping things interesting. I’m pretty sure any semblance of intrigue or mystery disappears as soon as you start asking all the heavy-hitting questions rapid fire style. I wanted to know the answers to all of the magic 36 questions eventually, but I wanted to them to reveal themselves on their own terms.

There are more trivial things, though, that I’d have no problem learning about all at once. I’m a firm believer in how seemingly insignificant behaviours and preferences can reveal more about a person than a possibly scripted response to a soul searching question.

I believe someone’s favourite line from Mean Girls can tell you if they have either a cruel or clever sense of humour. I believe that the quantity of selfies you post says a lot about how you feel about yourself(ie). I believe that people who don’t put fried eggs on their burgers are blind to the true beauty of the world. I believe in the little details.

Because of that, I have my own questions for anyone I’m into. Frankly, there are some important deal-breaking details that Arthur Aron’s 36 questions just didn’t quite cover.

  1. Was #TheDress black and blue or white and gold?
  2. What is your favourite song by Queen?
  3. If your server at a restaurant brought you the wrong order, how would you handle it?
  4. Do you remember your last MSN away message (if so, what was it)?
  5. When (and if) you watched Project X, did it give you the urge to party or roll your eyes?
  6. Do you eat your Kraft Dinner with ketchup?
  7. Have you ever referred to one of your exes as crazy?
  8. Can you name all the members of S Club 7?
  9. How many rounds of all you can eat sushi can you order before you start hating yourself?
  10. Have you ever unironically read poetry aloud to someone?
  11. What?s your favourite scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
  12. Have you ever broken up with someone over the phone?
  13. Cats or dogs?
  14. What are your feelings on those little fruit-shaped marzipan candies?
  15. Have you ever uttered the words ?on fleek??
  16. What?s your take on girls who can?t help but be mean and cagey to people they have a crush on?
  17. What are a few of your most fequently used emojis?
  18. Which Arizonian runaway llama is your spirit animal?
  19. Have you, at any point in the past 10 years, used hair gel to spike your hair?
  20. Tequila shot or J?gerbomb?
  21. Substituting the word ?meow? for a song lyric: irritating or hilarious?
  22. What is the most cringe-worthy pickup line you?ve ever used? More importantly, what?s the most cringe-worthy pickup line you?ve used that?s actually worked?
  23. Have you ever successfully iced someone?
  24. How often are you late to show up for things?
  25. Did you laugh at Seth Macfarlane?s ?We Saw Your Boobs? song at the Oscars in 2013 or at Giuliana Rancic’s comments about Zendaya’s dreads at this year’s Oscars?
  26. Nestea or Lipton?
  27. Were you happy with the series finale of How I Met Your Mother?
  28. Have you ever dressed as a “nudist on strike” for Halloween?
  29. What’s your late night snack of choice?
  30. How many YouTube videos of Beyonce performing live have you watched in your lifetime?
  31. Does skinny dipping sound like a fun activity to you?
  32. If you had to do a solo karaoke performance, what song would you choose?
  33. Were Ross and Rachel really on a break?
  34. Did you ever have a Neopets membership?
  35. Have you ever interrupted someone mid-sentence to correct a grammar mistake?
  36. Does the idea of being written about by your girlfriend freak you out?

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