Why March Isn’t So Bad (Seriously)


Don?t worry, March, we?ve got your back.

If the calendar months were to be split into high school cliques, this is how we figure things would pan out: May, June, and July would be the popular kids, never relinquishing their power as the universal favourite. April, November, and August would be the lovable geeks, always working overtime to be liked and sometimes succeeding (thanks to things like Easter chocolate and agreeable weather). September and October would be hipsters, forever taking artsy photographs of fall foliage and drinking soy-based lattes in a cozy caf?. December, January, and February would be the drama queens, full of the type of drama that?s usually fun but occasionally exhausting.

This leaves us with March, the kid that everyone friggin? hates.

Picking on March isn?t uncommon or entirely unwarranted?it kind of has it coming, in a way. If you?re past the age of eighteen and a week-long break from school is no longer a yearly guarantee, March doesn?t offer much to look forward to. Add that to the fact that we?ve experienced literally the worst February ever (but really, when is February weather ever not horrendous?) and most people are just not in the mood for another month of winter/spring limbo.

Instead of spending what little energy we have left after such an emotionally taxing winter complaining about March, we’re trying another angle. Always one to stick up for the underdog, we?re here to tout some of the plus sides to the calendar?s most-despised month. Really, March ain’t so bad.

  1. March is one of the last few months for some fashionable layering. Admittedly, winter dressing may not seem like a blast right now?we can’t recall the last time we looked as cool while frolicking in the snow as the ladies above. All we know is that every single year (without fail) we find ourselves swooning at all the new outerwear at the fall shows and crafting excuses to add another embroidered coat to our closets. What does this tell us? Like the good Canadians we are, we just love to bundle up, even when we think we hate it. Let’s count our blessings before we’re sweating our asses off on the subway and wishing the weather was chilly enough to don our favourite peacoats and blanket scarves, shall we?
  2. On the other thand, there?s something strangely hopeful about those rare days in March where the weather is a bit balmier than usual. You know, those days when you can forego your arctic expedition coat for a less extreme wool trench and leave your heavy duty gloves at home for once. Sure, the melting slush is kind of gross and the curbside puddles resemble man-made lakes, but it?s almost enough to make you believe spring really is right around the corner. Of course, those kinds of days are usually followed by another round of bone-chilling temperatures (because Mother Nature is cruel, vindictive, and revels in our pain), but you get our point. There really aren’t days like that in any other month of the year. There is hope!
  3. When the weather is decidedly not warm and hopeful, though, you can count on having a good book to cozy up with this month. March is chock-full of exciting new releases that are made for setting up camp on comfy couch with a hot cup of tea (or bag of Doritos, if that?s more your thing). We personally can?t wait for Kazuo Ishiguro?s The Buried Giant, assuming it?s even half as gorgeously melancholy as Never Let Me Go.
  4. While we may often forget it, there is one sad excuse for a holiday in the month of March: good ol? St. Paddy?s day. Granted, this holiday had much more of a momentous quality when we were back in university and could easily ditch class to play beer pong on someone?s lawn, but we?ll take any reason to celebrate. It may not be as easy to play hooky from work, but there?s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a green-tinted beer with some friends after you leave the office on the 17th.
  5. As Facebook is flooded with photos of your younger acquaintances on Spring Break around mid-March, consider this: instead of pining for your responsibility-free, booze-filled youth, thank your lucky stars that you?ve gotten through March considerably less hung over and sunburnt (we hope). Your body is thanking you.
  6. If you need any more reasons to ease up on hating March, your makeup bag can definitely give you one. We?re talking beauty launches aplenty. It?s as if the beauty gods knew we needed a mood boost and blessed us with tons of new makeup in pretty, cheer-inducing shades. We?ve got our eyes on the newly formulated Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Gabrielle in particular.
  7. …Okay, so we’ve run out of reasons. The moral of the story here is that March sucks less than other things, alright?

Image via German Vogue

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