#MyCalvins And The Underwear That Stood The Test Of Time

#MyCalvins has taken us back to the days of Marky Mark, Herb Ritts, and all that original Calvin Klein goodness.

Formed in 1968 by the designer powerhouse himself, Calvin Klein, the American fashion house has been a frontrunner in the fashion industry for almost five decades. Designing for the likes of all that is style?upscale collections, sports, denim, golf, even home collections, perfumes, and watches and jewelry?Calvin Klein has managed to maintain the classic simplicity we grew up with while evolving brilliantly at the same time. The repertoire in the Klein house is endless, but the brand is indusputably most well-known for their underwear line.

Calvin Klein’s underwear line made its big debut in the early 1980’s and changed the face of men’s underwear. Tighty whities became both a hot commodity for men and the ultimate eye candy for women. Campaign after campaign showed beautifully sculpted men and women in Calvin Klein’s newest development and had audiences drooling over the underwear (and other things…). The most popular, iconic, original break-the-Internet shot? Mark Wahlberg posing in his own Calvins in 1992. I mean, come on.


It was famous faces like that of the Transformers star and world-renowned supermodel Kate Moss that helped bring Calvin Klein the recognition it deserved. With the help of all those sculpted bodies gracing the pages of fashion glossies their skivvies, Calvin Klein’s underwear was put on the underwear map along with coveted lingerie brands. It was out with the seductive and in with the understated; Calvin Klein’s monochromatic tones, higher-cut fit, and classically branded waistband proved that simple was the new sexy.

Gaining increased popularity in the 1990’s and a subsequent boom in sales was a great feat for Calvin Klein and was exactly the encouragement the brand needed. Although Calvin Klein’s popularity and prestige never faltered in the eyes of consumers, there was an eventual shift back to a very sexy, very revealing style of lingerie. Simplistic, soft cotton undies seemed to fall into the same category as Fruit of the Loom and Hanes?the dependable, sometimes boring designated driver of the underwear party world.

Fast forward to 2015, and all of a sudden, men and women alike are deciding to part ways (temporarily) with Victoria because they already knew her secret (a little too well in fact). Calvin Klein was back on the map in the undergarment industry thanks to a plan that combined a 20-year-old treasure with the mindset millennials of today and consequently reignited our desire for a good pair of knickers.

The #MyCalvins campaign has all the makings of a memorable cultural phenomenon: it’s a social media trend and a fashion statement all at once. To build out their social media-driven campaign in 2014, Calvin Klein enlisted the likes of Man Repeller?s Leandra Medine, The Blonde Salad?s Chiarra Ferragni and former VS Angel Miranda Kerr to be just some of the many faces that would rep for #MyCalvins. Ever since then, the world-famous hashtag has become a mainstay on Twitter and Instagram, attracting the attention of buzzworthy models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. GigiCalvins

Canadian pop sensation turned bad boy turned redemption artist (well, we’ll see about that one) Justin Bieber joined the #MyCalvins crew and graced the Internet with a sultry stare and his tighty-whities in an now infamous ad back in January. Heavily photoshopped abs and biceps aside, Bieber didn’t look half bad, but there’s no one that pulls of Bieber better than Kate McKinnon.

If the #MyCalvins campaign has taught us anything (other than how to take really flattering photos of yourself in underwear) it’s that when the power of the Internet can turn anything into a slam dunk. While a social media-based campaign may seem like a far cry from the original Marky Mark ad in ’92, its approach isn’t all that unfamiliar. In the end, it’s all about one thing that the world will likely never get tired of: hot people in their underwear.

Image via Elshanes World

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