The Verso Playlist: Music To Get You Moving

Workout Playlist

If I had a Rocky-style personalized theme song for my workouts, I’d probably work out a lot more.

With January now left in the dust, many of us have likely dropped our New Year’s resolutions?you know, lose weight, eat healthier, tone your muscles, whatever. And even though this weather is making us feel like winter is never going to end, bikini season will be just around the corner sooner than we think.

What better way to countdown to summer than to focus on stepping up your exercise game? Despite what society makes us think, exercise doesn’t have to be all about weight loss. A workout is great after a stressful day, especially if you’re struggling to get through this exhausting winter season emotionally unscathed or if you are looking to add some healthy routine to your life. I have one word for you: endorphins. Once you get on the endorphin train, you’ll never want to get off.

If you need some convincing, we suggest adding the right music to your workout. When you think about it, most of us listen to music for one reason: pleasure. We listen to it to perk us up at work, in the car, and for some of us, even in the shower. So whether you’re trying to rip through those weights, kick butt in combat, or work on keeping up that plank for 60 seconds, the right music can really help you stay focused and motivated.

Here’s our top tracks to get you started.

“My Heart Takes Over (Digital Dog Remix)” by The Saturdays

“Do or Die Feat. Childish Gambino” by Flux Pavillion

“Everywhere” by Master Blaster

“Work This Body” by Walk the Moon

“Swagger Jagger” by Cher Loyd

“Let the Beat Go” by S3RL Feat. Johnny

“Bad Girls” by M.I.A

“Na Na Na” by My Chemical Romance

“Whatcha Say (The Factory Team Remix)” by Jason Derulo

“Lifted Up (1985)” by Passion Pit

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