11 Valuable Life Lessons TV Taught Me


Turns out those hours spent on Friends and Criminal Minds marathons were worth more than a few pounds.

We’re sure you’ve noticed a bit of a lull these past few weeks?it has been an incredibly busy time for The Verso crew but we’re happy to say we’re back and have learned some lessons along the way.

On another (unrelated) note, television can be a beautiful thing. It can be a soothing voice on a very quiet day. It can be the friend that makes you laugh. It can be a great method to learn. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve gotten some great pieces of insight from popular programs on the tube.

It’s OK to really, truly, and honestly, not give a shit.

“Maybe I don’t care about being polite?” It’s okay to not impress everyone you come across, it’s okay if you don’t give everything you have to people who don’t return the favour, and it’s okay to just say f*** it, cause it’s a Wednesday night, baby, and I’m alive. ?GIRLS


Stereotypes can and should be broken.

Classifying yourself as a brainiac, a theatre geek, or a jock is one thing, but I’ve learned to never feel as though I need to fit into a certain group just because people put me in one. ?Glee

The road less travelled is sometimes the better path to take.

Go back to school, take a year and travel, date the guy (or gal) you know isn’t right for you?every experience is one you can learn from and if you’re smart, you will always take something productive from it. ?Parenthood

Let your work speak for itself.

If Patricia Arquette’s Oscars speech taught us anything, it’s that women are still fighting for equal rights in the workplace, even if you’re not an accredited celebrity. No one is going to hand you anything, and you won’t get the respect you deserve from everyone. You have to work for it, so work your ass off and let your work speak for itself. ?Mad Men

To always?I repeat, always?lock my doors and windows.

This happens to be a recurring joke in my life. I won’t say that after watching this show, all my trust and faith in humanity is gone, but it has certainly made me take a second look in the back seat and under the car before getting into it. ?Criminal Minds

Your coworkers become your family, so you need to enjoy their company.

Whether you work a 9-5 or work nights and weekends, you spend a great deal of time with your coworkers and as a result, get to know them quickly. It’s important to build connections with them because your relationship with your coworkers has a direct effect on your workplace satisfaction and happiness. ?The Office

Your friends are the greatest loves of your life.

They are the ones to answer their phones at 2 in the morning because you just thought of a brilliant new idea and it couldn’t wait until morning. They are the ones who recite Austin Powers quotes with you, because every joke sounds funnier in a British accent. They are the ones who console you after a horrible break up. And they are the ones who let you talk about the most ridiculous, dirtiest, downright unlawful things, because they find great pleasure in joining you in those conversations. You also know they won’t judge you if you fart, or so I’ve heard…and that’s because you’re soulmates.?Sex and the City

When all else fails, dance it out.

If you’re having a bad day, things just don’t seem to be going your way or you’re going through something that’s bringing you down, there’s no better feeling (at the time) than putting on your favourite song and dancing it out with your girlfriends.?Grey’s Anatomy

That it will happen.

No matter how many shitty people you meet, however many bad dates you’ve gone on or the failed relationships you’ve had (and probably will have), you will find the person you are meant to be with and it will be better than anything you’ve ever experienced. I look to one of TV’s most memorable couples, Monica and Chandler.?Friends

Things are always changing.

Things will come up that force you to re-evaluate certain things in your life, like whether or not to continue watching Grey’s Anatomy after McDreamy was killed off.?Grey’s Anatomy


To always follow your heart and do what makes you happy.

And how to throw a mean right hook.?Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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