Today In Weirdly Wearable Makeup: Purple Highlighter

NARS x Christopher Kane

NARS Violet Atom multiple seriously takes the cake when it comes to favourites from this summer’s Christopher Kane x NARS collab.

While so much as a whisper of contouring usually garners a massive eye-roll from me, I make no apologies for being a pretty big advocate for highlighting. During the winter months when my skin was decidedly not naturally glowy, dabbing a bit of RMS Living Luminzer on my nose and cheekbones helped me (and my skin) to believe that spring was really just months away.

While I have my old standbys when it comes to highlighting prods (aside from RMS, I?m a huge proponent of Grace Lee?s Baby-Lips-as-highlighter trick), I’m always on the lookout for something new. Little did I know that, when I first heard whispers of the NARS collab with Christopher Kane (now in stores!), I was in for a pretty awesome discovery.

Enter the Violet Atom multiple. Once I got past the shockingly purple hue of the stuff (spoiler alert: it goes on super sheer and smooth, so don’t freak out), I became an instant fan.

Think of it this way: if the cult classic Copacobana multiple is like sun in a tube, then Violet Atom is its moonlight counterpart. I?m talking more of a cool, pearly glow than the usual bronzed or champagne-y look that you?ll get from most other highlighting products. There?s something very futuristic (but not unapproachable) about it.

NARS x Christopher Kane NARS x Christopher Kane
When it comes to application, hit up all the usual spots on your face: the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, temples, and the cupid?s bow. If you’re going for a fairy-princess-post-gym-glow, add a touch to the center and inside of your eyelids and your lips ? la Christopher Kane’s spring show look. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, either?just swipe the tube on your face then use your fingers to melt and blend the highlighter into your skin.

My only qualm with the Violet Atom multiple? It’s seriously making me consider rooting for a comeback of all the frosty-toned baby blue and purple makeup I’ve neglected since middle school. Baby blue eyeshadow, anyone?

Images via NARS

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