8 Rules To Live By This Fall

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Every September when I was little, I went back to school and was reminded of the basics of being a good human being.

Treat others as you’d like to be treated. Always try your best. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. After a summer’s worth of running around barefoot at my cottage (where the closest thing to a schedule was my family’s designated swim times at 11:00 and 3:00), the rigid rules of the classroom were jarring at first. After a month or so, though, I settled in.

Now, there aren’t any teachers around to tell me to make friends and be thoughtful. I could very well stop by my local Scholar’s Choice and pick up a brightly coloured, laminated poster for my apartment, but some classroom guidelines (“raise your hand when speaking”) aren’t all that relevant anymore.

Instead, I’ve got a few new (somewhat) grown-up maxims that I’m sticking with this fall.

Skip the gym. Have drinks with your friends and stuff your face with spinach dip instead. What?s more, don?t hit the elliptical the next morning filled with guilt and self-loathing. Sleep in, overindulge, and feel okay about it.

Say ?thank you? instead of ?I?m sorry?. Acknowledging someone?s patience for putting up with your bullshit is a lot more productive than aimless grovelling.

Fuck pumpkin spice lattes. Why would you go for pumpkin pie in a cup when you can just have the real thing?

Learn some new words. You might use them incorrectly in a conversation for the first few times, but that’s alright. Laugh about it and then keep learning.

Unfollow a motivational Instagram account. You know exactly which one I’m talking about. If scrolling through someone?s feed makes you feel more unaccomplished than anything else, is it really all that ~inspirational~?

Be alone. I know, I know?I vouched for hanging out with your friends approx. 5 minutes ago. All the same, figuring out how to be okay with spending quality time with yourself is important, too. I know squads are trendy right now, but being independent and awesome never goes out of style.

Pick one thing and complain less about it. The world doesn?t need any more Debbie Downers than it already has. I?m lightening up on railing against flashy, expensive weddings and it?s (sort of) freeing.

Slow down. The lazy, hazy days of summer might be over, but things don’t have to be all business again. Take your time. Don’t rush through the important stuff. Say “I love you” like it’s the first time, even if it’s the millionth. Cook nice meals for yourself. Take more bubble baths (unless you live in a crappy apartment and your tub is gross. In that case, stick with showers + shower beers).

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