I Hate New Girl (And Other Unpopular Opinions)

Some days you need a platform to write out your thoughts, feelings, and musings that may or may not seem a little ironic.

On other days, you need the opportunity to rant about weird and random things with equally random but appropriate gifs. Can you guess what day it is?

White people, by and large, look dumb with dreads. Not only is it one of the more prominent instances of cultural appropriation I can think of, but you just aren’t pulling it off.


There does not need to be a festival on Snapchat’s weekly story. What do y’all do for a living? Like I want to know, because I feel like the same people show up in these stories on the reg.


The “everyone is suddenly a product of the 90’s” thing is out of hand. You can’t call yourself a 90’s baby if you were born in ’97 and have no memories prior to 2000. Sorry I’m not sorry.


J. Lo is just as beautiful/talented/special/worth following on every social media site like an anticipatory psycho as Beyonc?. There, I said it. COME AT ME, PITCHFORK-WIELDING VILLAGERS.


Ross was the best friend on Friends. I might actually get the villagers coming after me for this one.


Amy Schumer is not that funny. Mindy Kaling is hilarious and brilliant. Not that Amy isn’t…but come on, y’all.


Donald Trump is not actually running a campaign for President. I am convinced he’s actually just pulling an over-the-top PR stunt for a new reality show called Trying to Stay Relevant.


Facebook does not need a dislike button. Because bad self-validation is worse than no self-validation, amiright?


Scream Queens is hilarious and not a “misrepresentation of sorority life”. It’s not a representation of anyone’s life, tbh. If you are worried about a show with a character they named Deaf Taylor Swift ruining the image of Greek life, mayhaps you should rethink what you’re doing to positively represent it?


Kourtney is the best Kardashian. I think a lot of people agree, but this is generally unpopular to admit even knowing their distinctly different personalities.


Kale is horrific. Nothing else needs to be said.


*These opinions are pretty silly for the most part, and they’re all my own and not reflective of the other Verso writers. If I’ve offended you, I sincerely apologize and will buy you some macaroni and cheese to apologize.

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