PSA: Red Lips Are Cool Again (As If They Ever Weren’t)

Red Lips are Back (Were They Ever Gone?)

As if there weren?t enough reasons to be sad that summer?s almost over, NYFW has served up approximately five hundred more.

Some of these reasons can be found in the form of flouncy dresses made for frolicking through rows of flowers (or something like that) and really sweet shoes.

Fortunately for me, there?s a look popping up on the spring runways that I sure as hell don?t need to wait until April to try. I?m not sure if you can call it a trend, what with painted red lips being such an inherently timeless thing, but all I know for sure is that I?m glad makeup artists are giving the nude face thing a break after seasons of #iwokeuplikethis mania.

The best thing about doing a red lip is that it looks its absolute best (IMHO) when minimal effort is involved when it comes to the rest of the face. The classic Old Hollywood cat eye + red pout formula will obviously never die, but is there anything as cool as dewy skin, untouched lashes, and a poppy mouth? Who the heck has time to perfect winged liner on a weekday, anyway? (If you?re committed enough to make the time, respect.)

Red lips at Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta, and Zac Posen.
Red lips at Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta, and Zac Posen.

Jason Wu?s take on the look is a definite frontrunner for me?the added bonus of the finger-raked messy bun (courtesy of Odile Gilbert) has me rethinking my traditional ?no wet hair at the office? stance. ODLR?s rendition of the red lip look is a bit more high maintenance (you can just barely see a flick of liquid liner near the outer corners of the eyes) but still not too fussy. At Zac Posen, only three models got the red lip treatment, but to great effect. The skin?s a bit more done up, but the final look is still relatively effortless-looking.

While I?m as big of a proponent as any of aspirational runway beauty (this season?s painted eye at Diane Von Furstenberg is a prime example), I?m also a fan of the ol? DIY. Red lips, to me, fall into the same category as an overpriced latte or a scented candle: they’re a tiny dose of ~glam~ that make the oncoming fall/winter season just a bit more bearable.

Images via Vogue, E Online, and Elle

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