Psuedo-Me On Social Media (I’m A Big Liar)

social media pseudo-me

Social media is just SO fabulous, don’t y’all think?

It lets us keep in touch with friends made internationally, locally, and in bathroom stalls at 2AM after some raucous fun at Corner Bar. BFF’s, let me tell you.

You’ll often find me on Facebook posting my favorite pictures of myself that I feel are flattering and paint me in a way that says things like “See! I didn’t peak in high school. Still having a blast!!!!” Or, “look how awesome my marriage is! We seriously never fight. It’s miraculous.”

What you won’t see in those photos? Often times, the truth. The argument that took place earlier that day about who lets the dog out more often, who leaves more dishes in the sink, or whatever other mole hill that got made into a mountain. Don’t get me wrong; my marriage is absolutely wonderful and I am a huge supporter of getting married while young (because why in the world would I keep dating and “playing the field” when I found my counterpart?), but naturally you’re going to see the best of it. You’re not going to see the hard work it is literally every. single. day. Waking up and CHOOSING to love and support and not strangle one person for the rest of your life is not an easy task. But don’t those filters on the pretty pictures with dozens of likes really suggest otherwise?

The same goes for those fun selfies.

I literally cannot take a picture of myself right now for social media because people are mean and it looks like a cat has been sucking on my hair for three hours (I don’t have a cat, but I do have some insecurities that may need to be hashed out).

Myself and many others like me are so very quick to compare ourselves to anyone and everyone else. Those who really seem to be having a good time because they talk about it constantly might not be as happy as you’d think. One of my good friends posts pictures of herself pretty much daily, and when it came up in discussion, she said she loves to see people “like” her pictures and kind of thrives on the attention. Honestly, who doesn’t? I can’t even argue with her because it is a serious ego boost to see those little numbers go up, up, up. It’s nice to show yourself in a positive light at all times…but it simply isn’t realistic.

As humans, we have bad days. We have fights with our friends and our spouses and sometimes we might even get fired from work. You’ll never see me post a status about how badly I mess up sometimes because that isn’t who I want the world to know. Those things are reserved for my closest friends and family or even just for myself. I wonder why that is? The fear of being vulnerable to the world is very real, and every time I write an article I have to second guess sending it to my editor because I think to myself, “this won’t even be well-received I bet. It’ll get a handful of reads (thanks, fam!) and tossed aside”.

What I need to remember is, more often than not, the world is good. There’s support for the bad days, a cheerful compliment on even the worst of pictures, and some moments and things that a filter simply cannot capture.

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