Youtube Makeup Tutorials For A Natural, Fresh Face

YouTube Tutorials for Lazy Girls

Because slaying and keeping those brows on fleek can take a whole lot of work.

Fact: Rose Marie-Swift of RMS Beauty isn’t a fan of beauty vloggers. She had some pretty scathing words about them for W Magazine: “It?s not that they aren?t good makeup artists, some of them are, but these kids have no knowledge of technique. They make it up as they go, and they make it up in the school of Kim Kardashian.? Yikes.

There’s no arguing that YouTube beauty gurus know their way around camera-friendly selfie makeup and are magicians with an eyeliner pen, but the sculpted, painted-on look clearly isn’t for everyone. It’s especially not conducive to girls like me who touch their face and rub their eyes way to often to realistically sport a face full of makeup all day (full disclosure: I can’t wear foundation for more than a couple of hours before getting anxious and frantically wiping it off).

My aversion to having tons of product on my face has led me on a pretty intense hunt for more light-handed tutorials. I like to think that I’ve gotten pretty good at doing my own makeup, but there’s something weirdly soothing about listening to the assured, singsongy voice of some stranger on the internet telling me what to do (don’t ask). Keep reading for some of my favourite tutorials that don’t require ten pounds, two hours, or hundreds of dollars worth of makeup for one look.

Chloe Morello | My Ultimate ‘I’M NOT WEARING MAKEUP’ Makeup!

Chloe’s looks are usually pretty glam and require a bit of time, but this one’s a lot more approachable. She also makes use of one of the best inventions possibly ever: the three-dot eyeliner pen.

Lisa Eldridge | Super Fast ‘Summer Nights’ Makeup Using 6 Products

I like to think of Lisa as the impossibly cool, all-knowing godmother of the YouTube beauty world. There’s hardly a video of hers that I don’t love, but this one’s genius purely for proving that glitter can be laid-back and low-maintenance.

Sarah Lucero | How To: Contour in One Minute

Few things haunt me as much as the idea that, should I attempt Kardashian-style contouring, I would end up wandering around in public with a visible and mortifying line of bronzer slashed across my cheek (which is why I’ve never bothered with contouring?I’m happier with my unchiseled face). This tutorial, though, offers a more low key contour that I could definitely get behind.

Monika Blunder | Behati Prinsloo Oscars 2015 Makeup Look

In the category of soothing YouTube voices, Monika is the undisputed Queen (except for Lisa, maybe). Her anti-masking foundation philosophy is pretty awesome, too. This video’s just one of the many celebrity-inspired tutorials that you’ll find on her channel (her Kerry Washington-themed tutorial is the stuff of dreams).

Wendy Rowe | Natural Nude Look

I can’t be the only person who, after attempting the classic Instagram ~smoky eye~, ends up with less artful blending and more of a muddy mess of colour. Wendy’s technique with eyeshadow is more about enhancing the shape and depth of the eye and is altogether more doable. (I’m also a fan of the cameos from Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn here).

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