I Spent Halloween At Home And It’s Totally Okay

Whether you’re referencing the latest pop culture trend or spending the night with Michael Myers at home, Halloween is arguably one of the greatest holidays of the year.

Halloween is an occasion where you can be whoever you want to be (within reason, that is). You know the saying that there are two kinds of girls on Halloween? I’ll be the one dressed as the Target Lady or Gilly. All in all, what better reason is there to literally turn up on a Tuesday – or Saturday, in this case. Okay, Tuesday sounds better for this arguments’ sake. For more than a few avid party-goers, there?s no excuse to stay at home.

That?s where I disagree. Granted, my decision to stay at home was a little more deeply-rooted.

My definition of a great night isn’t exactly glamorous. It’s as simple as a Friday or Saturday night (or both) watching a movie in bed by myself. I?m a simple gal and the simple things truly are what I appreciate the most.

Throughout the days leading up to Halloween, I was asked multiple times what my plans were. My response was consistent: I flashed a smile and explained exactly where I intended to be. Reactions varied?I got surprise, disappointment, confusion, a few hesitant supporters and occasional cheerleader. This year, I decided to forego a night on the town and spend it with family catching up on episodes of Chicago PD and Hawaii Five-0.

Even as I trolled Instagram every 10 minutes to catch up on updates from my Halloween party-goers, I don?t regret my choice. If you decided to stay in on Saturday night, here’s why you shouldn’t either.

  1. Staying in means consistent access to an unlimited supply of sweets and treats. Look, I’m no monster, but I can’t say that every trip to the bathroom didn’t involve sneaking candy from the trick-or-treating stash.
  2. Skipping a night at the club equals an extra chunk of cash still in your bank account.
  3. You eliminated your chances of waking up in an unexpected (or unpleasant) place. I think that?s pretty self-explanatory, no?
  4. No hangover (although you should still enjoy a celebratory and greasy Sunday brunch).
  5. You got to be the one handing out candy. The excitement kids feel when they rush to each house, pillowcases in hand, smiling from ear to ear is incredibly infectious. There’s something about hearing kids yell “trick-or-treat” that immediately makes you feel better. It’s also a great opportunity to make their night just a little bit better.
  6. Taking some much-needed downtime isn’t just a luxury – it’s necessary. For me, it was time with my family where we could sit down together and actually be together. No interruptions, no commitments, no one getting home at late from work. Just us.

Maybe it was my inability to decide on a costume or maybe it was laziness. Whatever it was, I have #NoRegrets on my choice to swap out layers of Lycra and hours of DIY-ing for sweats and a top knot.

I mean, there’s always next year. The brainstorming starts now.

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