The Verso Reacts To The Great Balmain Hair Swap of 2016


In cat gifs, no less.

Fashion month is over and done with which means now is the perfect time to reflect on all the weird crap we saw. As truly out there and zany as some of the beauty looks were (I’m looking at you, Rick Owens), they got all but overshadowed by a relatively simple but effective beauty gimmick: the good ol’ fashioned wig.

I’m not talking the kind of hair piece you can pick up at your local Sally Beauty Supply, though. These babies were individually styled by Sam McKnight (who told press he took 10 hours prepping each wig) and fitted to only the top of the class in the Balmain Army.

Ignoring the fact that not getting a wig was a sort of passive reminder to some models that they weren’t notorious enough to generate a social media frenzy-inducing hair swap, I still had a lot of feelings about what I saw. Obviously, the most efficient way to share those emotions was through the medium of cat gifs, so here we go.

Kendall Jenner

I’m getting some severe flashbacks to Kim’s infamous Draco Malfoy hair.

Gigi Hadid


Lily Donaldson

*considers starting a petition to convince Lily to dye her hair raven black*

Devon Windsor

I have literally no feelings about this, so here’s a gif of the elusive baseball hat turtle cat. Enjoy.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Snarky styling opinion: the fact that the hair is hanging kind of heavily on either side of her face weirds me out. Rosie deserves better.

Lindsey Wixon

I’m sorta bored with this chestnut brown. I feel like we could have gotten a striking Snow White look if Lindsey had been fitted with jet-black locks.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Snaps for Alessandra! Her hair swap only furthers my personal theory that she was built in a lab due to her frustrating ability to look good all the time.

Image via CR Fashion Book

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