Back in 2013, we met in the classroom of a post-grad publishing program where we learned everything from how to copy edit a feature article to what the left hand page of a magazine is called. Our mutual love for fashion glossies and viral YouTube videos wasn?t just something we bonded over?little did we know, it would pave the way for something bigger.

Since then, we both dove headfirst into the fashion industry as editorial interns at different magazines. In between intern duties and freelance work, it became clear we needed an outlet for our daily musings and observations.

We both craved a space where we could read (and write) about the little things that made us happy, so we decided to create that space for ourselves.

The Verso is a place to share anything that makes us laugh, think, or feel inspired: fashion, beauty, pop culture, and everything in between. We went from being strangers in a classroom to working on set at photo shoots together. Now, The Verso is our next big adventure and we can?t wait to see where it takes us.